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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the park?      The park is for residents of West Mesa who are given priority when scheduling events but anyone in Albuquerque can use the park if it is not in use.

Can I charge a fee for events in the park?   No...all events at the park are free of charge.  Depending on the event, vendors may be permitted.  Please contact us for more information.

When do I schedule an event?   The earlier the better but we suggest you register at least a month ahead of the event.

What types of events can I schedule?    We want events that will bring people to the park.

I signed up but did not receive the confirmation email.  Check your spam folder for an email for Lavaland Park, restore the message to your inbox and click on the button that says CONFIRM EMAIL

How do I become a member?   Click on the Log In button and follow the directions.

Why should I become a member? 


                                         1.  Meet people in your community

                                         2.  Join the Board of Directors and Committees

                                         3.  Be involved planning park activities

                                         4.  Eliminate homelessness in the park

                                         5.  Volunteer for what you like to do

                                         6.  We want your input

                                         7.  Make the park a model for other parks


     Councilman Sanchez spent over $200,000 to make this park beautiful.           

            Let's keep it that way and enjoy it by creating fun events.  


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